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© 2023 by Baershaw Studios. 

A musical power project --Gainesville, FL

Electronic Press Kit

This wife/wife duo formed in 2018 as a solution to an argument, the details of which have long been forgotten.  “Thank You, I Love You,” the band’s full-length debut album, was recorded in two houses and two closets, consisting of songs written over the course of nearly a decade.

Since the album’s release (Feb 15, 2019) there has been no slow-down for the group as they spread their infectiously mellow but lyrically-intense new style across the Southeast. Baer and the Lady creates a full-bodied sound with edge, creativity, and a spirit to design music that inspires self-power. Vocals are a blend of old-soul and modern vulnerability drawing listeners into a refined, introspective state of mind. 

  • When You Comin Back
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  • Baer and the Lady
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Kalani Baer  +

Connie Page

Keyboardist and singer-songwriter Baer Henshaw has carved out the genre of ethereal piano blues rock with an expressive style of playing that has been described as “unique, percussive sound that carries the weight of a full-band”. Drummer Connie Henshaw keeps a solid yet splashy beat, accenting Baer’s piano playing while singing harmonies that take the music to a higher plane. Baer and the Lady’s live performance moves listeners with soulful vibes and a healthy bit of storytelling to give context to the music that brings us all together. 


"This wife/wife duo has such a full sound, I was amazed that they were a two-piece; I kept looking for the bass player, but apparently, they don't need one."

"Baer and the Lady does blues well. It's more of a homage than straight blues, but that's definitely the prevailing genre they tackle with their particularly funky brand of slinky, soulful music."

Gainesville Sun


  • Homelands Tour (June 2019)- SE Tour

  • First Pride Concert Organizers (June 2019)- Gainesville, FL

  • Changeville Music Festival (Feb 2019)- Gainesville, FL 

  • Rickolous Release Party (August 2019)- Jacksonville, FL

  • Connect the Dots Showcase (April 2019)- Gainesville, FL

  • Always True Unplugged (Nov 2018)- Gainesville, FL

  • GNV Listening Room (September 2019)- Gainesville, FL

  • The Bull Regulars (Feb-Sept 2019)- Gainesville, FL

  • Lucky's Market Regulars (May-Sept 2019)- Gainesville, FL

Thank You, I Love You

Ho’oponopono. This Hawaiian word comes from Ho’o (“to make”) and pono ( “right”). The repetition of the word pono means “doubly right” or being right with both self and others. (James, 2011)


Ho’oponopono is an ancient practice of making right with the past; it is mindfully and proactively healing history. We lay our heavy grudges to rest with forgiveness, honor and respect. We humbly say “Thank You” to our experiences for reminding us that we are not our memories. We truthfully say “I Love You” so we can dissolve those memories in love and understanding.


“Thank You, I love You” is Ho’oponopono. Every song recorded was a memory, real or fiction,  set free.